Places to visit when visiting us!

We are so lucky to be so close to so many fun and wonderful places here at Pickerings Piano House. Why not make a day of it when you come and visit us and tie in your visit with a trip to one of the following:-


Snugburys Ice Cream.

10 mins away!


10 mins away


Oulton Park race track is only 10 minutes away.

Visit their website to see what's on!

5 reasons why PPH

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We are well established professional Piano Technicians having been in this trade for 18 years+. As piano tuners we work closely with a variety of customers: piano tutors, university professors, many professional musicians, parents of children learning the piano and people who just love the piano! 

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Pickerings Piano House was created to supply customers with the best quality pianos. We too often visit pianos that lack the quality. We know every aspect to these instruments so it can be guaranteed you will get the best advice possible. Our piano shop was born out of the desire to be able to supply customers with a decent, quality piano that will enable many years of enjoyment. 

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When you view our pianos it is hard to believe these instruments are not brand new! Our pianos are of the highest quality but at 50-60% of the cost when bought new.

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These pianos are personally hand picked to ensure wear and tear is minimal and all parts are original. This is a really important point to consider. Many used pianos have been refurbished which means the parts are not original and there has been more wear and tear on the entire instrument.  There is also the assurance that whichever piano purchased from us is in A1 condition and you can simply just concentrate on which one you prefer! 

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PPH clients get the best after sales service and technical backup available; because it's what we do!